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Re: Blackneck swan spends nights indoors and cold days outdoors  by: The Regal Swan
Hi Jim Because Black-Necked Swans are from South America, they are very susceptible to cold weather. They live in warm weather habitats so keeping him during cold winters indoors is great idea...
Re: 2 blk swans in pond (with fountain) who no longer swim, almost never go in water, stay on the gr  by: The Regal Swan
Hi Suzanne Someone needs to feed the swans and get them back in the water even if it means slightly harassing them so they seek shelter in the water. If you can toss food such as cracked corn,..
2 blk swans in pond (with fountain) who no longer swim, almost never go in water, stay on the grass  by: Suzanne
It seems so unnatural as though they have been traumatized by having the fountain put in (& lit at night by the condo board that we live in)... what can be done?
Blackneck swan spends nights indoors and cold days outdoors  by: Jim
Have a blackneck swan that I have raised from birth in my home. BIG PET! He is 6 months old and stays in my home at night. HAS HIS OWN ROOM. We love him to death. Gets along with my 3 house dogs. He..
Re: Black swans attack us  by: The Regal Swan
Hi Maryanne: Yes, you have two options: You need to stop running from the swans. Establish yourself as the alpha swan and capture the two swans each time they chase you. Yell, NO and then gently grab..
Black swans attack us  by: Maryanne
We have had our two black male swans since February. They were very friendly but about September they have been attacking us when we feed them or go anywhere near our pond. Is there anything we can..
Re: Mute swans and fairly fledged, but still mostly grey, cygnets  by: The Regal Swan
Hi Beth: Sometimes, the parents will oust the cygnets once they turn white in color. At that time, the cygnets become rivals and the parents no longer view them as their cygnets. This is just nature...
Cygnet taken away from its parents at Ambleside  by: Samantha
Hello, I noticed that the West Van Parks Board took a baby Swan away from its parents at the Ambleside Lagoon in West Vancouver this morning June 18 at 6:30 am. They said it was because they..
Re: What happened?  by: Kim
That's sad, sad they clip their wings too. I wonder why they do it...aren't the swans wild? Shouldn't they be free, free to fly, free to have cygnets...wouldn't they just fly away eventually....isn't..
Re: What happened?  by: S Boy
I was told that the ecology center people destroyed the eggs - they don't want more Swans!
Re: What happened?  by: Kim
Yeah, I watched one of the mothers lay four eggs in the morning on my run, now the eggs are gone. I was wondering the same thing. In the years I've lived near Stanley park the eggs always disappear...
Dial 311 for emergencies at Lost Lagoon  by: Admin
The Vancouver Parks Rangers tell me that the new 311 number of the City of Vancouver can be used for emergencies at Lost Lagoon. For example: - If you see an injured swan, call 311 and ask to speak..
NYT article: "Trumpeter swans are among the species that, by 2050, are not expected to be able to live in most of their current territory   by: Admin
Excerpts: The Baltimore oriole will probably no longer live in Maryland, the common loon might leave Minnesota, and the trumpeter swan could be entirely gone. Those are some of the grim prospects..
Where do the Swans Sleep? - a fairy tale picture book   by: Felix
pic Hi swan lovers, We are a group of friends from Berlin, Germany who created a unique swan picture book iOS App with highest standards and a 5 star rating in our spare time. We did this App with a lot..
Re: Culling of Mute Swans on White Lake Michigan   by: CSB from Michigan and Minnesota
pic The swans are great at keeping the over populated geese at bay. ...if you disagree, try shoveling goose refuse...the 3 swans a swimming kept 12 geese from laying (a log), pictured from my action..
Royal swan fight  by: Just trying to kill each other!
I got down to the Lagoon on Sunday Nov 27 and things were pretty calm - Tristan and Isolde came up to eat at this end. Then... Bijan came closer - he must have been pretty hungry, and decided he'd..
Mama & Papa Swan's Adventures   by: Swans 10 - Raccoon 0
pic Mama and Papa Swan sailed proudly along the channel at their end of the lagoon. They have enough feathers to look regal, as long as Papa doesn’t try to raise his wings too high – they ARE still a bit..
Summer Swans   by: It Isn’t Easy Being Green
pic Today is cool and raining, and although that doesn’t put a smile on many visitors’ faces, it’s a happy fleet of swans we see scattered across the lagoon, bouncing on the windswept waves. During the..
Summer Swans   by: Help! Extreme Makeover Needed
pic It’s early summer and most of the Lost Lagoon swans are slipping into their just-kick-back-and-relax look, but some take that fashion much farther than others. First, it’s the season when they root..
Summer Swans   by: Mama Swan Back to Her Routines & Some Fun
pic With Mama Swan completely off the nest and back to her normal routine, her appetite’s slowly returning and she’s enjoying lots of leisure time on the water. That is, if you can count pedaling at top..
Elephant and Dog share their love of water   by: Admin
pic The relationship of Bubbles and Bella developed because of their shared love of the water. The pursuit of "aquatic antics" instilled a strong bond between these unlikely pals. Watermark on..
The horse that paints   by: Admin
New video of this amazing horse (click on the link below)
Baby elephant saved from water well   by: Admin
"Members of the Amboseli Trust, an elephant welfare and conservation group, rescued a baby elephant trapped in a water well in Kenya." See Baby run to Mom after the rescue. There is a..