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Swans Nest-Building and Bijan's Progress
Date: 21 March 2007
In Response To: swan nests (SONIA MESRY)

Hi, Sonia! The swans haven't begun nest-building yet, but it won't be long. We've had a LOT of rain that raises the water-level and delays nest-building in some cases. Our swans usually start to lay eggs around the end of March or in early April, conditions permitting. A pen (female) lays one egg every day-and-a-half or two days, and waits until the clutch is complete (maybe 5 to 7 eggs) before she sits on them full-time,a period of 35 to 42 days.

Bijan stayed with his mom and dad right up to the last couple of weeks, when they first began to gently peck him away and now with a little more urgency. He's a very independent young swan, so is used to going off on his own to explore, but was quite surprised when Mom gave him a sharp peck last week.... what did he do? He pecked her back!!

He can be seen gliding around the lagoon in proud imitation of his parents, wings raised and head in classic swan pose.

We will definitely be posting a note at the first signs of nest-building!

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