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"Attempted Murder" -- Jørgen Bjerring -- 23 May 2017
Yeasterday - May 22 - I saw two Mute Swans in close contact. During the foreplay the biting was not very aggressive and after a couple of minutes it could look like a mating. But after 15 seconds the ...

Swan camera (April 2017) -- Tieg -- 28 April 2017
Here is a live swan camera with two mated swans, named Johnny and June. They are currently sitting on 7 eggs, watch them hatch:
Re: Swan camera (April 2017) -- Admin -- 28 April 2017
Excellent!!!! Thanks.

The Swan Project -- L. Martina Young, PhD -- 19 January 2016
Hello Fellow Swan Lovers: I am a dance artist and independent scholar in the United States with a life project addressing the image of the swan across diverse disciplines including dance and ...

"Amazing Swans" video -- AmazingSwans.com -- 20 November 2015
"Amazing Swans" A Wildlife Conservation Documentary

Swans (a poem) -- Chris Roe -- 4 June 2015
SWAN Preening, Soft, virgin white feathers, Aware of my presence But not of my world. Before me, another world, No analytic philosophy, No targets, budgets or schedules. No self-appraisal, Or attempt ...

NYT article: "Trumpeter swans are among the species that, by 2050, are not expected to be able to live in most of their current territory -- Admin -- 9 September 2014
Excerpts: The Baltimore oriole will probably no longer live in Maryland, the common loon might leave Minnesota, and the trumpeter swan could be entirely gone. Those are some of the grim prospects ...

Where do the Swans Sleep? - a fairy tale picture book -- Felix -- 7 August 2014
Hi swan lovers, We are a group of friends from Berlin, Germany who created a unique swan picture book iOS App with highest standards and a 5 star rating in our spare time. We did this App with a lot ...

Swans saved by Town of The Blue Mountains employees -- Elizabeth Cornish -- 28 February 2014
Swans frozen to the ground saved by TBM employees. February 28, 2014 Town of the Blue Mountains Municipal Law Enforcement Office, Brenda Doyle, and Waste Water employee Scott Pendleton, saved the ...
Re: Swans saved by Town of The Blue Mountains employees -- Debra -- 4 March 2014
I didn't know they could actually freeze to the ground! ! We keep trying to get the swan out of the waterhole at night..concerned it will freeze into the hole we chopped out for our ducks..... Below ...

CNN article, Feb 21 2014: "Killing swans is a bad idea", By Carl Safina -- Admin -- 21 February 2014
Excerpt: Non-native animals are often a terrible problem for native wildlife. But not always (honey bees come to mind). There's little that can be done about zebra mussels, starlings, Japanese ...

NYT article: "Speaking Up for the Mute Swan" By Hugh Raffles -- Admin -- 18 February 2014
Excerpts: THE Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing to kill New York State’s entire population of free-ranging mute swans, those graceful white water birds long treasured as symbols ...

NYT article "New York Wants to Banish a Symbol of Love: Mute Swans" -- Admin -- 30 January 2014
Excerpts: "The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has declared war on mute swans — the jumbo, snow-white waterfowl with the long, graceful necks — which were introduced from ...

Petition: Save and Protect The Dutch Swans -- Willy -- 6 July 2013
Dear Sir, Madam, Please click on the link below and sign the petition to help the Dutch swans And tell your friend about this evil! Thank you very much, Willy :-(">
Re: Petition: Save and Protect The Dutch Swans -- The Regal Swan -- 6 July 2013
Hi Willy We have already signed and are hoping others will also sign the petition to help stop this procedure. The Regal Swan

Mating Pair of Mutes Needs New Home -- Jim R -- 3 May 2013
Our neighborhood near Atlanta Georgia has a pair of mating swans which need a new home. We have three lakes and they are fighting with the swans on the other lakes. These swans are very territorial ...

Swan called me overhead... -- mary -- 25 April 2013
I have just seen your stories on swans. I would like to tell you about something i felt would never happen. I live near a wildlife area with a lovely pond there are two swans male and female. The ...

For sale: Bronze statue of a lifesize mute swan -- Rosi -- 25 March 2013
I have just completed a bronze of a life-size mute swan. It is called Cedric Swan. It is on Brac stone from Croatia and could hold 2 men standing on it. It weighs about a quarter of a tonne. It has ...

Mute Swan killings in Michigan -- Karen Stamper -- 23 October 2012
We are trying to save our mute swans from being killed in Michigan. Our Department of Natural Resources is falsely claiming that the the mute swans are a non- native invasive species that are eating ...

Culling of Mute Swans on White Lake Michigan -- Ele Goudreau -- 19 March 2012
My name is not important, my voice to speak for those that cannot is. I am currently fighting a battle that I do not want to lose. Here in Michigan, there is a quest to shoot and kill adult Mute ...
Re: Culling of Mute Swans on White Lake Michigan -- The Regal Swan® Foundation, Inc. -- 19 March 2012
Hi Ele: The statement about Trumpeter Swans being just as charismatic as the Mute Swans is basicially speaking in circles. If a mute swan tears up vegetation, so will a Trumpeter Swan as all swan ...

All grown up -- Heidi -- 25 February 2012
I thought I would update with a picture of my Polish Mute Swan that I began photographing from birth all grown up at nearly 9 months old. Its been an amazing 9 months to see the 4 cygnets grow into ...

Polish Mute Swan Cygnets -- Heidi -- 8 July 2011
I have been lucky enough to be photographing a Mute Swan family since about three weeks before the cygnets were born. It turns out that two of the cygnets are considered Polish Mutes because of their ...

swans -- Monique G. Scheers -- 27 May 2011
www.moniquegermainescheers.nl kind regards, M.G.Scheers

Baby swans! -- Neil -- 23 May 2010
Look what we have in Salisbury UK, five baby swans, hatched a couple of days ago..enjoy!

Eggs -- Neil -- 23 May 2010
Almost ready to hatch...

Home For Sale---The Swan Conveys -- Patricia Licata -- 14 December 2009
What prompts life's journeys can be most unexpected. My now one-and-a half-year journey with Carl, the lone mute swan, began on my first viewing of a home for sale at a lake community in April of ...

3 swans at our office in Maryville, Illinois, USA -- David -- 2 October 2009

This article (link below) covers the current situation here in Maryland as it stands.... -- Lisa -- 15 July 2009

Maryland's Plan to Kill Swans -- lisa sommer -- 18 June 2009
ALL PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP THE BRUTAL KILLING OF THESE BEAUTIFUL BIRDS. THE SITUATION IS BECOMING INTOLERABLE! http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/mute-swans.html I could hardly believe my ...

Petition to stop the killing of Maryland mute swans -- lisa sommer -- 2 June 2009
All, As an individual who has frequented this web site for many years, I feel compelled to bring this to the attention of all fellow swan lovers both here and abroad. The following information is ...

Mute Swans in The Netherlands (live cam) -- Gareth Crowther -- 31 May 2009
We have a family of Mute swans nesting in front of the house with eggs that by my calculations should be due to hatch any day. We placed a camera in our top window and are feeding the image through ...

Black & white swans breeding together!! -- Sally Curran -- 22 April 2009
I am happy to attach the photos of these two magnificent swan. Aren't they just beautiful?? I'm very excited to think that this is indeed something very unusual.

40 year old wild mute swan in Denmark -- Per Westenkær -- 17 February 2009
You say 25-30 years. In Denmark 35-40 years. Here is a 40 year old WILD Mute Swan from Denmark, just died (Perhaps the world record?): http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/2009/02/11/071349.htm Per ...

Where could I photograph Muted Swans in Southern California -- Claudia -- 6 January 2009
Greetings, I am an artist and was wondering where I could photograph Swans in Southern California. I am interested photographing them during mating time. Thank you, Claudia
Re: Where could I photograph Muted Swans in Southern California -- Shelby -- 26 August 2015
Bear valley springs, in Tehachapi ca. At four island lake.

How To Make A Swan Nest -- damian -- 27 October 2008
My family and I live on a cattle property in NSW, Australia. We irrigate pasture by using water from our Dam. This winter we found that as the water had gone down on the Dam (we've been in drought ...
Where could I photograph Muted Swans in Southern California -- Claudia -- 6 January 2009
Greetings, I am an artist and was wondering where I could photograph Swans in Southern California. I am interested photographing them during mating time. Thank you, Claudia
Re: Where could I photograph Muted Swans in Southern California -- Shelby -- 26 August 2015
Bear valley springs, in Tehachapi ca. At four island lake.

Looking for Bewicks or Tundras swans -- Patricia -- 24 August 2008
Looking for US Bewicks or Tundras swans. Don't have to be breeding pairs.

Swans near Versailles (link to picture) -- Admin (link to panoramio.com) -- 2 August 2008
Click on the link below:

Swan - Lake Balaton, Hungary (picture) -- Admin (from WebShots) -- 2 August 2008

Black on Gold (picture from WebShots) -- Admin (from WebShots) -- 2 August 2008
Picture from WebShot

White on white (picture from WebShots) -- Admin -- 2 August 2008
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