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Black baby swan with broken leg
Date: 20 November 2015

Hi there, my name is Clara and im originally from romania. My parents have a single baby swan ( he is black) - we think is 3-4 months old and abbt 10 days ago her leg got infected, was oozing and from other swan breadeers we recon is Salmonella infection she had (as had some diarrhoea) and had antibiotics injections and local spray with antibiotics. The infection in her leg is much better now, diarrhoea stopped but she obviously cant walk yet , she does struggle allot and i wonder what we can do at this time for her .... aparently she can move the upper leg and the whole leg sometimes is warm sometimes is cold. I wonder if we can make a walking aud for her ??? Or what we can do just now to help her walking again.... Im sending also some pictures with her ..... thank you very much Clara

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