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mute swan rescue in the city
Date: 25 June 2015


I recently rescued a white mute swan, I've had him since he was two weeks old and grown very attached to him, my daughter even says he is my best friend. I rescued him from a ranch that I work at when I saw the parents were trying to kill him because he had a hurt leg.

I have a large backyard, where he follows me around where he sits and eats the grass next to me wherever I am doing my gardening, sometimes even eating the weeds that I pull out. I have built him a covered pen and I am currently in the process of building him a small pond because he is rapidly growing out of the little kiddie pool I bought for him.

My question is, I would like to keep him but I don't know if it's inhumane for me to do so. Can I keep a mute swan by himself or does he need a mate? Like I said, I've grown very attached to the little guy and I want to do it's in the best interest for him. I would love some advice on keeping him or not. Thank you.


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