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Male swan left female with flooded nest and eggs, came back with a younger female...
Date: 2 July 2014

Hi, I hope you might be able to answer my question, please. I live in the UK on a marina and we have been blessed with a beautiful couple of mute swans who now reside on my mooring a few feet from the lodge. Mrs set up her nest but we were flooded and she lost 4 out of her 6 eggs (we are grateful that she managed to save 2 whilst we helped her re build the nest by placing loads of reeds close to her) and she has 1 cygnet currently. What I don't understand is that Mr has brought in another female and she seems very young. Both come in and leave together and Mrs and the young female flair their wings at each other but don't attack. Mr doesn't seem to get involved and appears a little submissive. I just don't understand the relationship, could you advise please? Thank you so much for all that you do for these beautiful birds. Lisa