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Swan population control
By:Lisa Sommer <>
Date: 28 February 2007

I could use some guidance in caring for a pair of 3 yr old Mute swans, for which I am the main caregiver. I have consulted with you on feeding/habitat issues and have purchased your book, The Care of Captive Swans. I live in a small community which has a lovely pond, aka, wet stormwater management pond. The Home Owners Association pays for the biological treatement and aeration of the water. I am anticipating that my pair may be ready to breed this spring and because they are on a small (3 acre) pond there is a great concern regarding territorial issues. Also, I live in the State of Maryland, and as you may be aware, the Mute Swan issue is a real political hotbed!!!!. It is important that we "fly" under the radar and not attract any undue attention. Although, I have very mixed feelings about the need to control the population I feel I have no other choice. The plan is to oil the eggs using the Humane Society Guidelines and I'm thinking one LEASHED dog manned by one person and another with a very large golf umbrella would suffiecient shield me to allow me to "do the deed" Do you have any other suggestions??
Incidently, it has been a real pleasure to find this web link in which Mute Swans are not treated like pariahs!!! The DNR in Maryland is planning to cull the population......very sad

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