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Petition to stop the killing of Mute Swans in New Jersey
By:The Regal Swan Foundation
Date: 11 May 2014

Hi Everyone:

You will find below the link to a new petition to stop the killing of Mute Swans in New Jersey. I posted the poster along with the new petition on The Regal Swan's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts last night!

Since then, we have had an amazing response from all over the world today, especially on the Twitter account! Hundreds of individuals from around the world have contacted us to tell us that they are not happy with the killing of Mute Swans here in the U.S. Those from the UK are especially outraged, and even more so, when they find out that Canada is also participating in this massacre.

This petition is going to two individuals affiliated with the New Jersey Wildlife Services and ultimately, to Governor Christie! It was interesting that one of the above individuals actually told a taxpayer that they did not have to tell taxpayers or anyone, for that matter, what his state wildlife agency was doing in regards to wildlife management, especially the program to eliminate Mute Swans throughout New Jersey. Amazing isn't it? Taxpayer monies going to fund these programs, but taxpayers being left out of the decision process!

Here is the petition link. Please sign the petition and pass around to your friends and family! Tell them to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates! Thanks in advance!

The link is:

Our efforts in petitions, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts are all having an effect. As of last night, the New York Senate bill S6589 is moving along in the process to be presented for voting this session. Also, the New York Assembly has also written a bill, A8790, that is currently being printed and ready to go for a vote, again, hopefully before the close of this session.

These bills call for an immediate moratorium on all Mute Swan killings in New York for at least two years. Before any more killing is conducted, the wildlife officials must present current and good research as to why the killing is taking place, an actual research with figures on the exact damage they are supposedly causing in the way of pollution, environmental damage, etc. (LUCKY for us, we already have this information conducted by Sweden, Oxford University and Dr. Christopher Perrins!)

In addition, the bills must have adequate public hearings before and after the research is presented! So, if we can get this stopped in New York and New Jersey, we have the momentum to stop this throughout the U.S. and Canada. Canada, especially Toronto, is also using the same excuses the U.S. Wildlife Services is using to kill the Mute Swan. This killing is with the huge backing of Wildlife Services, Ducks Unlimited and even, the Audubon Society, under the pretense of bringing in the Trumpeter Swan back to the U.S. Unfortunately, they are using taxpayer money for these programs without telling anyone, i.e. taxpayers, that the Trumpeter Swans have never been native to the areas that they are supposedly reintroducing them to for this great conservation effort!

The bottom line is that the Trumpeter Swan is being introduced into the same areas that the Mute Swans are now being eradicated from, because of supposed environmental damage. Please tell me how you remove a smaller swan species from doing supposedly loads of environmental damage, only to bring in a larger swan species (largest waterfowl) in the same area? The end game is to raise money for wildlife budgets through hunting licenses and permits by offering hunters a Trophy Waterfowl!

Needless to say, we have our work cut out for us, but, again, we are gaining support from across the U.S. and world. Hopefully, these bills will push this issue to the forefront and we can ultimately stop this killing once and for all, of the Mute Swan Species. Once this happens, we may even be able to get everyone to place all swan species on a NO KILL list, thereby ensuring all species will be enjoyed for future generations!

Again, please sign the petition, place it on your social media accounts, share it with your family and friends, and let's get this done, so we can move on to more states!


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