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Swan language glossary available?
Date: 4 March 2014

Dear SS,

I live on the tip of Bird Island in the upper lakes of Detroit. There are over 100 swans here gracing our paradise. It would be helpful to create or find a swan language glossary. Maybe we can sort out the various sounds we have all heard here at your site and create one based on our command ground: The love, care and understanding of this majestic and magical bird.

Heres is a start.
1 Hissing...likely we all get that message: 'too close step away.'
2. Squeaky bicycle wheel noise. 'Looking or calling for its mate or parents?'
3. Low garbling..? happily eating.
4. Shrek: Lost, afraid......
5. Short hum. raising its head 'I see you.'

Maybe you, as the SS, and others as they observe can help me describe and identify them.

Thank you and others for your work in this field. I am pleased and thrilled to find your website. Nameste.


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