Ask the Swan Specialist

Swan walked and rolled over to our island
Date: 4 March 2014

We had this male swan...according to your description [at "How to Tell a Swan Male From Female (The Regal SwanŽ)"]. Hungry, weak and could hardly move show up at a hole in the ice we have tirelessly kept open for our duck pets, Donald and Daisy. We live on the tip of Bird Island in Lake Oakland, located in the upper lakes of the Detroit suburbs. The lake has over 100 swans gracing its waterway in the spring summer and fall. We are not sure where this ones mate ya think they are checking out there nesting spots? (this one last year nested on the back side of the island... Should I put out some straw for him>? Our ducks just laid there first egg.......Thank you for your help and love for these amazing creatures! Debra