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Lake Eola Park Swans Given Veterinary Exams by The Regal Swan®
By:The Regal Swan®
Date: 30 October 2007


Contact: Shirley Bolin
The Regal Swan®
Phone: 407-931-6838

ORLANDO, FLORIDA—October 30, 2007—The 1st Annual Veterinary Medical Exam Program for Swans at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando, Florida was successfully completed this past weekend. The event began with the capture of more than 30 swans on Friday, October 26 and then on Saturday, October 27, full veterinary medical exams were given to all of the swans. Under the direction of The Regal Swan®, an Orlando based swan research group, the program was implemented by the City of Orlando Families, Parks and Recreation department to offer standardized veterinary medical care to the park’s signature swans that include two species: Mute and Australian-Black Swans.

On Friday, The Lake Eola Park swans were captured with the help of volunteer kayakers from the Orlando Kayak Fishing Club, Gatorland®, Wildlife Solutions and Joe’s Crab ShackTM as well as swan specialists from The Regal Swan®. Once rounded up, the swans were placed in a temporary holding pen donated by The Family of Orange Lake Resorts based in Orlando. In August, Orange Lake Orlando donated feeders for the inaugural swan feeding program initiated at Lake Eola to supplement the swans’ dietary needs.

On Saturday, The Regal Swan’s veterinarian, Dr. Christopher W. Brown of Orlando conducted health exams, weighed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated the swans. Dr. Brown has served as Orange Lake’s swan veterinarian for almost 10 years along with Dr. Geoffrey R. Gardner, a Lakeland veterinarian.

Other sponsors for the Veterinary Medical Exam program included a weighing station by Gatorland®; microchips and scanners by Bayer Animal Health; and lunches provided for the volunteers and medical staff on both dates by Joe’s Crab Shack.

About The Regal Swan®
The Regal Swan®, Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida and is committed to the humane treatment and veterinary medical care of captive swans. The Regal Swan® researchers recently identified bacteria causing swan flocks in the U.K. and the U.S. to turn pink in color and were instrumental in pioneering the use of vaccines to mitigate swan deaths due to botulism and the West Nile Virus.

In July 2007, The Regal Swan® researchers traveled to England at the invitation of Her Majesty’s Swan Warden, Dr. Christopher Perrins and Her Majesty’s Swan Marker, Mr. David Barber to participate in the historical swan-upping along the Thames River. The Regal Swan® research team collaborated with swan experts throughout the U.K. and helped capture, vaccinate and exam more than 800 wild swans at the Abbotsbury Swannery. The Regal Swan® researchers were also asked to assist in capturing 65 swans along the Thames, during an oil spill.

Shirley Bolin, a research team member, went on to visit Moscow, Russia to collaborate with swan keepers at the Moscow Zoo. All research data is being compiled for a veterinary medical book specifically for swans.

The organization has received the National Daily Point of Light Award, as well as the Governor’s Point of Light Award, for their dedication to the care of swans. The researchers have authored a book on the care of captive swans, entitled Swan Keeper’s Handbook: A Guide to the Care of Captive Swans by Krieger Publishing, released in 2003. For more information about The Regal Swan®, visit

About Orange Lake
Located next door to Walt Disney World® Resort, Orange Lake's flagship location in Orlando was established in 1982 by Holiday Inn® Founder, Kemmons Wilson. It offers four unique resort villages situated on more than 1,400 acres and is home to over a half dozen mute swans. Orange Lake in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin offers luxury spa and recreation facilities, fine dining, entertainment and championship golf. Orange Lake Vermont is a four-season mountainside resort featuring alpine skiing, snowboarding, fishing and hiking, a spa, several dining options and more. Overlooking St. Andrew’s Bay, Orange Lake Panama City is a premier vacation destination for golf and recreational activities on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The company plans to continue the expansion of their resort network and is actively seeking more growth opportunities to continue being the "home-away-from-home" to more than 110,000 owners from all 50 U.S. states and more than 120 countries.

For more information about Orange Lake, contact Stacey Sutherland at (407) 905-1914, or visit the website:

This photo is of Shirley Bolin from The Regal Swan® grabbing Lake Eola Swans with Leonardo Falcon, Lake Eola Park Manager for their medical checkups. Pens were provided by Orange Lake Orlando. Photo by Patrick Rose, Clemson University. Copyright 2007. Used by permission.

All the following photos were taken by Shirley Bolin, The Regal Swan® :

Tim Williams from Gatorland®, and Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan who speaks to the volunteers.

Sheila directing the volunteers.

Some Kayakers from the Orlando Kayak Fishing Club and Wildlife Solutions on Lake Eola behind a swan.

Kayakers and a Canoe helped coral the swans into temporary pens.

Dr. Christopher W. Brown, from The Regal Swan® , micro-chips an Australian Black Swan. Micro-chips and scanners provided by Bayer Animal Health.

The centrifuge with Rowena Wilson and Sally Graziano, scanning electron microscopist for The Regal Swan® and the Orlando Science Center.

Sheila surrounded by the media.

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