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winter shelter
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 19 August 2007
In Response To: winter shelter (wilma cury)

Hi Wilma:

Thanks for the great question.

Swans do not like boxes like ducks, bats, etc. Therefore, they are not going to be too crazy about going into something the size of a large dog kennel. Evacuation indoors may not be feasible so the best thing you can do for shelter is to ensure that there are plenty of bushes or low shrubs to block the wind.

We're not sure where you are located and trying to find greenery during winter (unless you are in Florida) may be tough. Swans are built for cold weather with plenty of down and feathers but still need bushes or shrubs to help provide them with shade and protection from the wind. Is there a side of your house that could provide protection from the wind, has shade and is located near the water?

If so, this area could be used as a protected area. You would need to ensure that no predators, i.e., coyotes, foxes, domestic dogs and cats, bobcats, raccoons, etc. could get to the swans in the daytime or at night if the birds choose to sleep in this area. Usually, swans will sleep in the water because of the protection from predators and the water temperature is a lot warmer than the outside temperature.

We hope that this information will be of benefit to you. The Regal Swan.

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