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Re: Nest with one egg pushed out
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 May 2017
In Response To: Nest with one egg pushed out (Anne)

Hi Anne

Yes, female swans will take a break from the nest to bathe, eat and drink while the male swan watches the nest. The female will take the cygnets down to the water to eat and drink approximately 24 hours after hatching.

If the fencing is preventing the mother from taking the cygnet into the pond or the nest is too far from the nest or on a steep bank, the cygnet will die along with the mother. She must have access to the pond and water at all times. You may need to contact the person responsible for the swans to ensure immediate access to water and the pond and access back to the nest by the cygnet.

Cygnets cannot climb into high nests or banks so easy access to the nest must also be insured.

Swan eggs are extremely difficult to incubate, especially without a commercial incubator and experienced swan keeper. If the egg is pushed to the side, it means the mother knows it is not going to hatch and she will kick it out. So, more than likely, this is a bad egg and you should not mess with it because it will explode into a nasty mess. The Regal Swan

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