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mute vs trumpet swans
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 15 May 2008
In Response To: mute swan v.s trumpet swan (berko)

Hi: We don't have enough information to really discuss this situation. Without knowing exactly what species are involved, we can only project what might be occuring. The swans could have been juveniles (mute or trumpets) and the parents were trying to make them leave the area. Mute juveniles will not have the orange beaks until approximately 1 year out. So, what may have looked like trumpeters, could very well have been older mute juveniles told to get lost. Tundra swans can also look like trumpeters but have a yellow lore near the eye. Absolutely normal in the wild. Sorry we could not be of more assistance, but unless there was a positive identification, the only assumption would be is that someone was being told to leave a certain area. Usually, the offending party will get tail nipped or a minor scuffle ensues. Same thing happens with ducks, geese and pretty much all wildlife. Nothing to worry about. The Regal Swan

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