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Swan nests, eggs disappear
Date: 19 April 2017

Hi my name is Sharon and i have been following a pair named Bogie and Bacall for a year. I got town involved in cleaning up pollution bottles and other un mentionables tires etc! Spring rains came and it looks better! I saw a lone male 2 weeks a ago BOGIE! I walked around lake and saw Bacall sitting on nest. I was elated. I went back put a wlldlife cam so i can keep an eye, I saw 3 eggs one time as they know me and trust me and she leaves nest only to eat or drink. She left nest yesterday and I saw no eggs, i am a mess! I heard they leave nests and cover. Could they be crushed by thin eggshells? or is she a good nest coverer? She goes back and continues to sit! My question mostly is would a swan continue to sit on nest if eggs died or were crushed!?? please let me know I am a mess? SHARON BOGIE & BACALL!

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Swan nests, eggs disappear -- Sharon -- 19 April 2017
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