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Mom Killed - 6 Eggs Left
Date: 18 April 2016


I Live In Weldon Spring, MO.

Last year we had A mated Pair That Produced 6 cygnets.

3 Were White and 3 Were Gray. Of The Six Three Were Killed By Mom And Dad Because Of Them Getting Sick. The Condo Association Where I Live Treated The Lake After Just Two Weeks After Hatching. Of The Remaining Three Two Were Giving To Another City. The Last Of The Three (Male Named Jr.) Was Forced To Leave By The Adults. During The Last Four Weeks He Has Been Spotted Flying Around Our Area. Which Is Cool.

My Question-- This Year We Had Seven Eggs Total, One Of Which Was Destroyed By A Predator Who Mom Chased And Was Also Killed.

I Was Able To Go To The Nest And Rescue The Remaining Six Eggs. Which Are Now In My Home In A Box Just Big Enough To Hold All Six. And Heated If Any Survive What Do You Suggest I Feed Them. The Eggs Were Laid About March 24 2016.

Our Muted Swans Have Always Eaten From The Bottom Of Our Lake And Also Store Bought Food From A Feed Store.

The Remaining Male Is Going Through Grieving Period. He Will Come Over To Me And Sit Down, Eat A Little Then Goes To Sleep.

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