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In Response To: Re: Swan left family (The Regal Swan)

Hi Rob:

It is now time for last year's cygnets to be chased from the habitat by their parents and find another habitat as well as a future mate. So, yes, the swan should be fine. He/she should begin flying to look for another pond shortly. The swan may even wait until some of its siblings begin to fly and eventually meet up with them to find another habitat.

Now, having said this, if there is no water to be found and you see him staying for more than a day and you are concerned, you might try to capture him and return him to your pond or a nearby pond. If this is not your cygnet, it will immediately leave your pond because the parents will chase it as an interloper. If it is your cygnet, it may still get chased, but at least will have access to water for the time being. In any case, it might expedite the swan to find another pond in stead of sitting in a field with no water. The Regal Swan
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